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I’m concerned about losing my assets if I have to go into a home, is there any way I can preserve them?

Future planning is the key. We can discuss with you the options which are available to you from severing a joint tenancy to preserve a half share for your spouse and discuss other options available. We provide advice and services in relation to Wills and Trusts in this regard.

I’m concerned about having to go into a residential home. How can you help?

We are aware that sometimes people are unable to manage on their own and that the best option available to them is to go into a residential home.

We recognise that this is a stressful time and we can offer advice about the alternatives available, help you to dispose of your home and contents and guide you through the problems.

What if I can’t visit your office?

Don’t worry, we are always happy to do home visits. If you have concerns which aren’t covered here then let us know and we will try to help.

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Why choose Booth, Ince and Knowles?

The simple answer is that our team provide a quality service to all of our clients. Our services are truly partner-led and our people are prepared to ‘pull out all the stops’ for the benefit of our clients. We are hugely proud of our heritage and have been established in the Tameside area for over 100 years, with in-depth knowledge and familiarity of the area that is second to none. We offer sophisticated legal advice delivered in a straightforward, cost-effective and professional manner, helping to achieve the result that’s best for you.

Booth, Ince & Knowles, a name you can trust in the Tameside area.
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